Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a loft, a workshop, a duplex, an architect’s house, an apartment with terrace or garden, or a contemporary renovation.
Whether it’s buying, renting or selling.
Whether in midtown or countryside.
Espaces Atypiques is the specialist real estate agency that offers places of life that are out of the ordinary.

What is an espace atypique ?

An Espaces Atypiques is a place that stands out for its originality. This expression has different meanings depending on the person and their cultural references.

There are several types of espaces atypiques:

The Loft

The espaces atypiques that everyone immediately thinks about is the loft. The loft is an apartment in an old industrial or commercial place. Its exceptional volumes and its often zenith large openings are characteristic and testify to the past of the place. A successful loft rehabilitation must respect the place of origin and refer to it in a subtle way. In a loft, spaces are often open with few private areas. Living in a loft is a state of mind.

Part of the lofts for sale have a mixed status, that is to say they allow the inhabitants to live there while exercising a commercial or artistic activity. The pioneers in the loft universe were mainly artists or architects who wanted to work from home and for that they needed large volumes with abundant light and an activity or mixed status. Subsequently, liberal professions have adopted this way of life for the same reasons.

Recently, couples without children or families have fallen for these extraordinary spaces. These families have arranged the lofts differently. They wish to preserve the large volumes for the daytime rooms, but partition the rooms at night in order to preserve a certain intimacy and independence between the different members of the family or between the different activities practiced. The development of telework has contributed to the craze for lofts.

Another factor in the development of lofts is the explosion of prices per square meter. Buying a loft can lower the cost of buying a home. Firstly because the lofts are traditionally located in the old working or industrial districts of the city where there are old warehouses still to be rehabilitated due to the industrial and port history of the city. city. In these neighborhoods, prices per square meter are lower. Second, lofts for commercial or mixed use are cheaper than residential lofts because the clientele that can finance a mixed good is narrower. Finally, some lofts are sold gross to develop. A family of handymen can then be “fun”, arrange the space to taste and thus get a lower cost price than a new apartment or already developed. If you are looking for a loft on Lyon for sale, Atypical Spaces is the right agency to address. For a loft purchase, a loft sale, a loft rental, we are at your disposal.


The other type of loft is the converted workshop. Often located in the backyard of buildings, the workshops have these narrow windows and high features and windows to bring a significant brightness and compensate for the location of the workshop on the ground floor of a building. Here too, prices per square meter forced artisans and artists to sell their workshops and move to more affordable neighborhoods. Buying a workshop to live or work there has many benefits. The charm of a workshop is undeniable. The ceiling height is often very high, allowing the creation of mezzanines. Cellars are generally adjoining, leading the architects to arrange them thanks to a cleansing of the walls, a ventilation and the contribution of light by paving stones or slabs of glass, thus making this previously lost space in living room. Espaces Atypiques the specialist in contemporary real estate, has a large offer of unusual property. For the sale of your workshop contact us.

Flat with terrace, garden or patio

Is the apartment with a real exterior not an atypical place of life? In the downtown center , certainly. Who has not dreamed of finding a property right in the city center with its small cocoon of greenery to enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate? Or conversely an apartment enjoying a breathtaking view ? Atypical Spaces can help you find your dream at a reasonable price.

Duplex or triplex

The duplex apartment or triplex also has many advantages: it is often large. And most importantly, the duplex or triplex makes it possible to better separate the daytime rooms from the rooms at night or to provide more privacy for the parents. The duplexes and triplexes are often placed on the top floors of recent buildings, guaranteeing a calm and tranquility vis-à-vis the neighbors. These are the apartments that sell the fastest. In addition, a duplex on the top floor is often attic with exposed beams, giving it charm and character. Sometimes these exceptional apartments come from the meeting of old maid’s rooms. A top floor apartment for sale, an attic duplex to buy, an original triplex for rent? Contact Espaces Atypiques.

Contemporary renovation

A classic apartment having benefited from a total contemporary restructuring with a large living space, an open kitchen and a design decoration also constitutes an atypical living space. We call these living places, loft apartment or loft house. The number of lofts for sale is in essence limited, we believe that the renovation of apartments should multiply in the future, especially in older buildings with architectural features of high quality, volumes and high ceilings important. Atypical Spaces, loft property specialist, duplex, workshop, penthouse, house or contemporary renovation will be at your disposal and offer you real goods in line with your expectations.

Architect house

Finally, the house! Owning a garden to enjoy the outdoors, the land to grow his plants is very significant. The other advantage of the house is that it is mostly individual. No more hassle of the condominium. If you decide to buy a house, you will be in full ownership and independent of the decisions of your neighbors. For children, the house is the ideal accommodation to express themselves and flourish. Espaces Atypiques strives to offer you a choice of houses. There are different types of houses for sale. Espaces Atypiques mainly looks for architect houses or modern houses (with flat roof in particular), houses of character (millstone, art deco, victorian), ecological houses (in wood or straw) or classic houses having a contemporary extension in glass, steel or wood. Espaces Atypiques, loft property specialist, duplex, workshop, penthouse, house or contemporary renovation will be at your disposal and offer you real goods in line with your expectations.

Why buy ?

Buying a property is the dream of all French people. Buying makes it possible to make an investment in stone, avoids paying rent indefinitely and is subject to rent increases or lease breakdowns. There is no bad time to buy your main home. In the long term, stone is valued more than financial investments. Buying an apartment will allow you to put yourself and your children away from need. Atypical Spaces, loft property specialist, duplex, workshop, penthouse, house or contemporary renovation on Lyon and its region, offers a diverse but original offer of quality goods for your main home or your foot on land. Do not hesitate to consult the agency Espaces Atypiques for any question.

What kind of property buy  ?

The property you choose depends on many factors.
First of all your budget will set the maximum amount you can invest. It is calculated on your savings and your income.
Then, location in relation to your workplace is essential. Buying a loft, an apartment or a house in a central location of the city will always be a good idea in the long run. Buying in a neighborhood or a municipality in rehabilitation is also a wise choice. Finally, the type of habitat you will buy will depend on your lifestyle. If you appreciate the space, the large volumes, the light, the exterior and the originality, Atypical Spaces, specialist loft property, duplex, terrace, house, workshop, penthouse for sale or to buy in Lyon and his region, is the right interlocutor for you.

Buy or invest ?

If your budget does not allow you to buy housing that meets your needs or desires, you can continue to rent your main home and buy a smaller apartment for rent. In this case, the return on your investment will take precedence over the emotional or aesthetic side. You have to choose a neighborhood or town you are looking for to make sure you find tenants easily. The aspects of robustness and practicality will be important.

However, it is rare to invest in an atypical space for a rental purpose. Most atypical spaces such as lofts or workshops are places that create a crush on the buyer. He will then have the wish to live there himself. On the other hand, an atypical space is often of a large surface area, which makes its rental yield lower than a small area. Do not hesitate to consult the agency Espaces Atypiques for any question.

New or old, what to choose?

The new and the old have their advantages.

New construction programs are generally of better quality because they meet the latest construction and insulation standards. The layout of the rooms is better adapted to the current lifestyle. The old has many assets: its charm, its volumes, the work of the walls and ceilings. Sometimes you can make good business by buying an old apartment or house in poor condition that you will renovate.

An atypical living space can be found in the new or in the old. If you want to find a loft for sale, it can be acquired from a commercial surface still in activity, which you can then turn into a home or mixed according to your tastes or your needs. However, some lofts or workshops are fully rehabilitated by developers and can sometimes be considered new. Atypical Spaces, as specialized real estate agency, will advise you in the best way in your approach. Do not hesitate to consult the agency Espaces Atypiques for any question.

Luxury contemporary real estate with Espaces Atypiques ?

Whether you are looking for a loft, an architect’s house or an apartment renovated in a contemporary way, Atypical Spaces will help you find the exceptional property that suits you. We are an agency specializing in atypical and high-end real estate. The goods we sell are rare. As a loft property specialist, duplex, workshop, penthouse, Atypical Spaces will be at your disposal and offer you real goods in line with your expectations on Lyon and its region.
Beyond the specialization pushed in a particular real estate sector, Atypical Spaces presents a real added value for the client.
First, estimating the value of your property is more accurate and better suited to a niche market. With Atypical Spaces, estimates of loft, workshop, house or penthouse are free, even if they are written.

Once you have entrusted your property to our real estate agency, we will put significant financial resources to advertise so that your property is visible to potential buyers, including on the internet and on specialized magazines. We will use the notoriety of Atypical Spaces, our address book and client file buyers to find a serious candidate as soon as possible. We have a registry of targeted customers specifically looking for an atypical good. We will take care of informing prospects about your property as well as targeted visits.

We have a passion for architecture, decoration and design and we pass it on to our clients. Finally, when an offer is made on your property, we will verify the seriousness and solvency of the purchaser and negotiate the price to the best of your interests.

If you own an atypical property or high-end, such as a loft, a workshop or a penthouse, call the specialist Atypical Spaces is the best solution.

How to successfully sell a property ?

Entrusting the sale of his property to a professional is the best guarantee of success. To be authorized to practice this profession, the real estate agent must, according to the Hoguet law of 2 July 1970 (decree of 21 October 2005, OJ of 23 October 2005) hold a professional card which must be marked “transactions on buildings and businesses “. This is the case of Espaces Atypiques.
Espaces Atypiques knows perfectly the market of the loft and the atypical, which allows us to estimate as well as your property. With Atypical Spaces, estimates, even written, are free. Once you have entrusted your property with the sale at the agency Espaces Atypiques, we will put important financial means to advertise on the internet and on specialized magazines so that your property is visible to the maximum of buyers potential. We will use our notoriety, our address book and our acquirer file to find a serious candidate as soon as possible. We will inform prospects about your property and we make the visits. Finally, when an offer is made on your property, Atypical Spaces will verify the seriousness and solvency of the purchaser and will negotiate the price to the best of your interests.
If you have an atypical or high-end property, such as a loft, a workshop, a contemporary architect’s house or a penthouse,calling Espaces Atypiques the specialist is the best solution.

Visit of the property and viewing confirmation ?

The viewing confirmation allows us to establish that we put a seller in contact with a prospective buyer during a visit. This protects the real estate agencies if a potential buyer then tries to go live with the seller for the purpose of not paying the commission. In this case, we could prove that it was thanks to the intervention of Atypical Spaces that the sale could be realized. We would therefore be entitled to demand the commission that is our right and to bring an action before the court to recover our due.

What are the duties of the seller  ?

The seller has the obligation to provide the following documents:

  • The tittle deeds. This document certify that you are the owner of the property for sale.
  • An ID.
  • The documents about the work done in the property. The purchaser must be shown that the works carried out are legal, in particular by obtaining a preliminary declaration of works or a building permit as well as the prior authorization of the co-ownership through the minutes of the meeting. General.
  • The last 3 statement of condominium fees.
  • The last 3 minutes of general meetings of co-ownership.
  • Property tax.
  • The technical diagnostics file (cf. below).

Espaces Atypiques will inform you precisely about all these obligations.

What are the certificates and the diagnostics to be provided by the seller ?

In case of sale of all or part of a building, a technical diagnosis file, provided by the seller, is attached to the promise to sell or, in the absence of a promise, to the authentic deed of sale. Atypical Spaces can clearly explain the content and significance of these diagnoses.

The diagnostic record includes the following documents:

La loi Carrez (law n°96-1107 du 18 décembre 1996)

It has introduced a guarantee of surface to protect the purchasers. The purpose of this law is to require property owners belonging to condominiums (horizontal or vertical) to make a measurement so that the purchaser can know the exact surface of the property he is buying. It is expected a margin of error that can not exceed 5%, otherwise the purchaser could request a price revision based on the missing square meters. If the footage is mandatory, the intervention of an expert is not. The principal undertakes at his own risk to provide a surface that will be law when signing the deeds. The purchaser is free to have an audit carried out and to challenge its validity. The notary must, by virtue of the decree of 23 May 1997, issue a certificate of surface area on the day of signature of the authentic deed. This same decree fixes the calculation of the surface, except baseboards and for premises whose height under ceiling is higher than 1.80m.

The lead (law of  29 juillet 1998, art. 123 et decree du 9 juin 1999)

The accessibility of lead must be attached to any unilateral promise of sale or purchase, to any authentic deed stating the sale of a house built before 1948 so that the seller can be exempted from hidden defects. This statement must have been prepared for less than one year on the date of signature of the act concerned. All Ile de France municipalities are placed in areas at risk of exposure to lead by a prefectural order of 1 August 2000 and in 2001, on a case by case basis for the other departments. All buildings constructed prior to 1948 are subject to the check for presence of lead particles in paints, paneling and walls. Due to diseases and lead poisoning, this measure was put in place to mitigate the risks of absorption by elements of elements that may contain lead.


This is the diagnosis imposed in the context of carcinogenic risks related to the use of certain particles, fibers and molecules. The sellers are liable on the asbestos statement if the building permit is prior to July 1, 1997. For those established after July 1, 1997, a simple certificate of the seller is sufficient.

The search must be performed on:
Interior vertical walls, column walls, partitions, ducts, vertical formwork, ceilings and false ceilings, beams, framing, floor, pipes and various ducts, formwork and caulking. Common areas (elevators, hoists and landing doors). For the common parts, the report must be made by the syndicate of condominiums which records it in the asbestos technical file.

Termites and parasitic state (decree du 3 juillet 2000)

This is the diagnosis imposed in the context of carcinogenic risks related to the use of certain particles, fibers and molecules. The sellers are liable on the asbestos statement if the building permit is prior to July 1, 1997. For those established after July 1, 1997, a simple certificate of the seller is sufficient.

Soil contamination (art. 1625 du code civil)

The seller of land is obliged to diagnose the risks of soil and subsoil pollution following an industrial installation. He must inform the buyer about the pollution or the risk of pollution. In case of non-information, the seller may be ordered to pay the costs of depollution of the land. Atypical Spaces can clearly explain the content and meaning of this diagnosis.

Gas installation and conformity in the common parts

For all gas installations over 15 years, the seller is required to attach to the authentic deed, a diagnosis of this facility established for less than a year at the date of signing the act. Otherwise, the sale is canceled, but the seller can benefit from the clause of exemption of guarantee provided for in article 1643 of the civil code and confirmed by article 17 of the law of January 3rd, 2003. However, the provision of diagnostics is not mandatory at the signature of the authentic deed, but it is preferable to produce it in order to avoid any subsequent dispute with the purchaser.

Electricity installation  and conformity in the common parts

Since January 2009, a diagnosis on electrical installations older than 15 years must be attached to the authentic deed of sale, on the same model as the diagnosis of gas.

The energy performance diagnosis (DPE), mandatory since the 1st november 2006

This diagnosis must be attached to the promise of sale. It shows the energy consumption of the property, compares it with reference situations (display in the energy performance class and CO2) and provides recommendations and priorities on the work to reduce it. In addition, a thermal regulation in the existing will aim at obtaining high performances in the housings which are the object of works. The DPE has only informative value and the purchaser or the tenant can not avail himself of the information contained in this diagnosis against the owner.

Natural risks (ERNT)

Here, the intervention of an expert is not imperative. You will find a topographic map and a report that must be attached to the compromise and the state of risk per zone on the websites of the prefectures. These diagnoses must be attached to the structure of the compromise or lease.