Artist's studio

Living in a former artist’s studio

Do you feel as if you might have an inner Picasso or Niki de Saint Phalle? Perhaps you might fall in love with an artist’s studio? An exceptional purchase for bohemian living.

Artists’ studios have traditionally occupied many different locations: sculptors’ studios were almost exclusively located on the ground floor of a building in a courtyard or cul-de-sac (to avoid the need to haul heavy bags of clay up flights of stairs), while painters generally preferred the top floor roof space to take advantage of all-day natural daylight, especially North light.

Like loft apartments, artists’ studios tend to have been restructured to do away with small enclosed rooms in favour of a single room flooded with natural daylight through skylights and large windows. Their original purpose was not retain any form of privacy, but rather to create the large amount of space needed to store paintings that could be very impressive in size. It’s important to bear in mind that an artist’s studio was never intended as a home; it was a place of work!

A type of exceptional property in very high demand

They may be seen as having a period charm today, but we should always remember that they were originally designed to be purely functional. So it was only natural that in the 1970s, studios began to attract new users, especially those working in the creative professions, beginning with architects and photographers, who were later followed by writers. For these creatives, the boundaries between their working and non-working lives are blurred, so the double height of a studio could be very useful for installing a mezzanine floor.

Over the past few years, demand for studios has grown continually. According to research conducted by Espaces Atypiques, this type of property is highly sought after. When buyers dream of a property with genuine character, their focus is usually centred on former industrial and commercial buildings with potential as loft apartments or studios. Which is perfectly understandable, since natural daylight, generous roof lights and modular spaces are exactly what potential creative homeowners dream of.

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Agency Paris - Rive Gauche
PARIS 75014 128 SQM 1 650 000 €
Agency Metz – Nancy
NANCY 54000 168 SQM 619 000 €
Agency Hauts-de-Seine
COLOMBES 92700 195 SQM 695 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
PARIS 75015 45.37 SQM 450 000 €
Agency Rouen – Le Havre
Agency Lyon
Agency Paris – Ouest
PARIS 75017 137 SQM 1 684 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
PARIS 75014 51 SQM 600 000 €
Agency Pau
Pau 64000 310 SQM 440 000 €
Agency Avignon – Luberon – Ventoux
Agency Paris - Rive Gauche
PARIS 75013 56.04 SQM 520 000 €
Agency Vendée
BOUIN 85230 165 SQM 432 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
Agency Bordeaux
Agency Hauts-de-Seine
COURBEVOIE 92400 137 SQM 898 000 €
Agency Avignon – Luberon – Ventoux

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