1960s house

Buying a 1960s house

Attractive external steps, spacious garage, flower-filled garden and generous rooms flooded with sunlight: there’s no doubt that this is a 1960s house.

The 1960s house is clearly a development of those built in the previous decade: solid construction on multiple levels, and functional design. Constructed in most cases from cast concrete or concrete block, their terraces have largely disappeared in favour of gardens.

Fast and low cost, concrete block construction was used on an extremely large scale between the 1950s and 1970s to meet the enormous post-war demand for housing. It provided a space of one’s own in which to raise a family and install all the latest conveniences, led by the inexorable march of the washing machine. The problem is that concrete is ‘subject to capillary action’, because it is a porous material that absorbs moisture from the soil on which it is built, and that moisture then rises into the wall. So houses built in the 1960s are often damp and inefficient in energy terms, both of which must be addressed when renovating one of these homes. Nevertheless, they remain excellent, substantial homes with generous windows.The 1960s also saw the emergence and expansion of some of France’s great architectural names, including Jacques Couëlle and the Salier-Courtois-Lajus-Sadirac practice. Each responded in their own distinctive style to the boom times of this era with ingenious, aesthetic and functional buildings. Architect-designed homes of the 1960s are prized for their ingenuity, innovation and design.

#1960s house by Espaces Atypiques
Agency Drôme – Ardèche
ROMANS SUR ISERE 26100 90 SQM 290 001 €
Agency Alsace
STRASBOURG 67000 112 SQM 475 000 €
Villa Balnéaire des années 60 avec vue sur la mer - Réf. 5464
Agency Saint-Tropez
ROQUEBRUNE SUR ARGENS 83380 199.37 SQM 1 550 000 €
Agency Bordeaux
MERIGNAC 33700 217 SQM 811 200 €
Agency Besançon-Doubs
MONTBELIARD 25200 140 SQM 340 000 €
Agency Alsace
STRASBOURG 67100 388 SQM 998 000 €
Agency Hyères
LA LONDE LES MAURES 83250 176 SQM 1 370 000 €
Agency Tours
TOURS 37000 180 SQM 610 000 €
Agency Niort
NIORT 79000 150 SQM 289 000 €
Agency Vendée
POUZAUGES 85700 180 SQM 218 000 €
Agency Alsace
Agency Toulon
OLLIOULES 83190 110 SQM 545 000 €
Agency Rouen – Le Havre
Agency Morbihan
Agency Nîmes
Agency Saint-Tropez
SAINT AYGULF 83370 125.42 SQM 842 000 €

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