Investing in a duplex

Exceptional and highly sought after, a duplex could be described as a hybrid of house and apartment. More space, more cachet: it’s not hard to see why the duplex is so appealing.

Apartment life that feels more like living in a house. Occupying two levels – ground floor and first floor – the duplex is the mirror image of a basement apartment (or souplex). According to Espaces Atypiques founder Julien Haussy, around 9% of all exceptional properties purchased are duplexes. That’s a high percentage for a type of property that is much more common than its three-level and basement-level cousins.

Dream of living on the top floor with panoramic views or a private inner courtyard ?

A terrace, top-floor or loft-style duplex ? Or maybe one laid out around a patio… No two duplexes are the same. In urban settings, the majority are found at the top of apartment buildings. In some Haussmann-style buildings, they have been created by combining a 5th floor apartment with a number of former domestic staff rooms on the 6th to create balconies and amazing views of the city. But the great advantage of a duplex is that it can be many different things: a duplex loft in a former factory in Orléans, a converted former wine store in Saint-Pierre d’Oléron, a townhouse in Dijon… The duplex and its typical interior staircase attracts families looking for more private spaces (because the living spaces are well separated from the bedrooms), couples in love with exceptional living spaces, and artists who find that a duplex gives them the space they need for their practice. A duplex apartment also combines the benefits of urban life with the pleasure of living in a house. It means more independence, more privacy and more space.

If you’re attracted to a top-floor duplex, remember to check the ceiling heights of the upper floor. Although exposed timbers add undeniable cachet to a property, real ingenuity can sometimes be required to arrange the space effectively.

#Duplex by Espaces Atypiques
Agency Alsace
Strasbourg 67000 172 SQM 840 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive droite
PARIS 75004 26.63 SQM 450 000 €
Agency Paris – Ouest
PARIS 75009 50 SQM 599 000 €
Agency Val-de-Marne
GENTILLY 94250 145 SQM 780 000 €
Agency Genevois Léman
Agency Savoie
LA RAVOIRE 73490 108 SQM 449 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive droite
PARIS 75010 51 SQM 490 000 €
Agency Paris - Rive Gauche
PARIS 75013 144.02 SQM 945 000 €
Agency Alsace
STRASBOURG 67000 213 SQM 1 254 750 €
Agency Nice – Cannes
NICE 06100 #Duplex 233 SQM 695 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
PARIS 75013 90 SQM 760 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive droite
PARIS 75010 53.6 SQM 580 000 €
Agency Paris – Rive gauche
Agency Val-de-Marne
SAINT MAURICE 94410 93 SQM 850 000 €
Agency Seine-Saint-Denis
ROSNY SOUS BOIS 93110 78 SQM 260 000 €
Agency Seine-Saint-Denis
Agency Lyon
LYON 69009 111 SQM 525 000 €

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